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Window Designs Idea

Windows is the important part of any building. It is the entry way of sunlight and air to our rooms. This is making our home more useable of natural light. Sun light is the important part of animate. There is a different type of windows we use according to our home model and location. I try to explain how to select the best windows and windows design for our home and office building.

Window designs is the art of combination of woodworking and technology together. Modern time we are looking for earthquake proof home. This situation can handle by best home design and architecture design technology. Windows play an important role on our building design. Here, some information about what are the best windows for your home according to your location and earthquake zone. First know about your land earthquake zone. Now take a help of architecture to design your home. If your land comes in earthquake zone 1 to 3; than you can use large windows for your home. If the land come into 4th and 5th zone then it is most important your windows size is not more than 1/3 of the wall size. You need to left little space between windows and wall. Second this is your windows water, air and sun resistance. You need to select the best material for this.

You can use glass for windows and use wood for windows frame, aluminum is also the good choice for windows frame. The home interior designer can help you to find the best material for your windows frame according to your home model. If you are using wood for windows then pant this with waterproof and sunlight proof paint. If you are want to use wooden windows then here is the best quality wood for windows design. You can select any wood for this here is a short list of some popular wood used for windows and wood doors design List of wood used for furniture

             Western red cedar
             Sugar maple
             Brazilian mahogany
             Indian laurel
             European lime
             British elm
             Lignum vitae
             American black walnut
             European walnut
             American whitewood
             Plane (lacewood)
             English cherry
             American cherry
             American white oak
             American red oak
             English oak
             Parana pine
             Cedar of Lebanon
             Scots pine
             Douglas fir
             Sweet chestnut
             Macassar ebony
             Sapele mahogany
             Mountain ash
             European beech
             European ash

You can also find other type of wood best for furniture design according to their characteristic. If you don’t plan to use wood; I suggest you used light material like aluminum and steel for making windows frame. For best lighting solution you can use glass for this. Modern building is the one of the difficult problem is space. There is very narrow space for windows. The sliding windows can solve this problem. After selection of your material for windows design you need to focus on a different type of windows. You can get brief idea about windows design.

             Awning Windows
             Casement Windows
             Double Hung Windows
             Picture Windows
             Bay Windows
             Jalousie Windows
             Hopper Windows
             Casement Replacement Windows

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