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How to remove linoleum flooring

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Some time our home flooring damage or we want to replace it with some other flooring or some new style flooring solution come on market. Thereat we want to remove our old, ruff or damaged floor. Some time our home linoleum floor chipped, burned or some other type of damaged. So we want to replace our damaged floor. Here I try to explain some tips how to remove linoleum floor yourself.

There are many different processes to remove your linoleum flooring I try to give you some idea and step to remove flooring.

You can remove your linoleum flooring very easily and quickly by doing some afford. You need some accessories for this. You need a peaked knife for cut your linoleum and some other equipment electronic scorpion and a hot air dryer to remove the chemical form your floor. Here is some basic step how you can do it yourself.

1. Firstly take the knife and cut your linoleum into small square pieces. It is not more than 100 Cm because of large segment is difficult to uproot. I suggest you make this work on different part. Once you complete this process now time to just on second step.

2. Pick up electronic scorpion go to one corner where you already cut your linoleum. Now start your scorpion and start exterminates the linoleum. Once you finished this process properly and the entire room segment goes to next step.

3. Now pick hot air dryer to remove the remaining chemical and linoleum pieces. The effect of hot air the chemical secedes from the floor. You can use some cloths to wipe the chemical.

4. Now you have almost done your work just need to Clean-up this you can do this with hot water or some floor cleaning chemical.

This is the first process to remove your linoleum flooring. There are one there process to remove your linoleum flooring. Read this step for batter idea. You need only hot air dryer and a knife for this you can also use hair dryer for this. Now go down and follow these simple steps to remove your linoleum flooring.

1. Clean your linoleum floor and mind one thing there are no thing on your floor which can melt by hot air. You can use some chemical on your floor which can eclipse more energy and make your process easy.

2. Cut your linoleum into small segment.

3. Now; pick air hot dryer and start torrid your linoleum when linoleum gets enough energy the chemical started melt down.

4. When the chemical started melt down pick your knife and start Corrode linoleum. This is very hard work and you need lot of energy to do this work.

5. When you finished the above step you find your floor is clean. Now the time to remove remains chemical, you can use hot water for this.
This is the all process to remove linoleum. How you find my post. Give me some comment.

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