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House designs are the art to build beautiful house. Modern time we develop house according to our need. We all need windy, luminous and commodious house. But we have negligible space according to our need. Therefore we need make full plan before to build home. So first we need to make an architectural design; after that we are able to build complete home According to our needs. Modern time energy saving house design is more effective. An energy saving house is more Eco friendly rather than any others house design. Here are some basic tips or idea to make Eco friendly house.

1. Use solar panels for lighting.
2. Replace all standard light bulbs with CFL.
3. Use motions detector outside home in lieu of outdoor lighting.
4. Don’t waste water. Reuse water for gardening.
5. Use aluminum-clad storm door.
6. Use glass for Noise reduction
7. Use fiber partition to save space.
8. Use power strips with your electronic devices.
9. Use lot of windows and air ventilator
You can apply this idea to make more energy efficiency house designs. This can help us to protect earth
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