Thursday, 1 March 2012

House Designs Idea

House designs is the art where you can explain your all dream. We earn money, save that to fulfill your daily needs. Every person has a dream; to build their own home. We work whole life to make house. This time it is necessary to make your home more Eco friendly and Energy saving. Here we try to share some basic idea and requirement to build your dream home.
Tips for House Design
Check your Land:

First you need to plan your home design. Design your home according to the land. Check all physical tests to the land. Check the earthquake zone. Air, Light and weather conditions. These conditions are required according to you.  After checking these basic information design your home.
Check Local house building rule:
Before starting your building construction work you need to take approval of the local house development authority because zoning laws can affect everything from house framing to yard fencing. 

 Create your House design List:
Now the time make a list of your all requirement. What you want in your home. Make a list all requirements. Plane how your building developed.

Mind your need and budget:
One of the most important things about house design always remembers your budget in mind.  Select house design according to your budget. This is particularly difficult for first–time home builders, but tries it as can as you do.

Hire Architecture:
You need to hire architecture to make a blueprint of your home. Architecture mind your plot, need and budget together and make best design according to your need. You can visit all Architecture contact information on Architecture firm Delhi.

Maximize Your Space Efficiency:
When mapping out your floor plan, make sure there is a logical flow to your home design. You want to simplify life for your contractor while he builds and for your family while they live in it. Some things to consider: 
  • 1 Design direct access to the kitchen from the garage
  • 2 Design all your plumbing in one general area, reducing pipe distance
  • 3 Place your heating ventilation and air conditioning system as centrally as possible, allowing for better temperature balance throughout your house
  • 4 Bedrooms should be isolated to reduce noise and increase privacy
  • 5 Place your washer and dryer on the same floor as bedrooms (for two or more story homes)
  • 6 Make sure all doorways, hallways and stairways are wide enough to move furniture through
  • 7 Make sure that light switches are placed appropriate to traffic flow and that outlets are conveniently placed
Mind your house Interior Design:

When your home is building; you need to focus on interior design of it. Select the best color, picture, furniture, home appliance according to your house design. You can use Autodesk, type software to fulfill your need or you can visit this website .

 Don’t forget Sun:
The sun is the most important and most affected thing on our life. This is the source of energy.  So always mind your house design is more sunny and airy.

Mind you power supply:
You need to fully plan about power supply, lighting and cooking gas pipe line supply.  

Mind Water and other Garbage drainage:
You need to mind Water and other Garbage drainage. Cover all Drains and Dustbin.  Always use  angular drains for best water flow. Separate disposable and non disposable garbage.

Look your home outer design:
You need to focus on outside as inner site. You can use boundary and left some land for gardening and Vegetable growing.

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